what's candied fish?  

We are a Hong Kong based eating design collective and we use the medium of food to tell stories through branding and graphics projects, food products and food and eating experience events.

Currently, we are working on "old-meets-new" food design projects like soy sauce tasting and dinners and Chinese New Year Tea Almanac boxes. We have previously worked with Slow Food Hong Kong, Art Basel Hong Kong, Kapok, Locofama Group, Gormei, Cook Pack and Blackshot Coffee. Candied Fish and our projects have also been featured on Lifetivial on nowtv, Apple Daily, South China Morning Post, Sassy Hong Kong, foodie magazine and Hong Kong Tatler. The name Candied Fish came from our Chinese last name, Tong has the same sound as "Candy/Candied" and Yu the same sound as "Fish".

ABOUT constance tong 

Constance is a graphic designer.

She loves colours, music, new discoveries, creating things, daydreaming, experimenting, or simply to be inspired. Sometimes she questions about random things that are often overlooked and seek to make sense of them using rather peculiar ways to convince others of my theories. 

She has helped F&B brands, fashion brands and charities on their branding and graphic design directions in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

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About Veronica Yu 


Veronica is an eating concept designer.

Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, she connected to her Hong Kong Chinese roots/culture through Chinese food. She believes that food is a great medium to discover different culture and their stories. She likes telling stories with food because she thinks the best way to someone's heart is through their stomach. 

After studying risk communications in university on topics like genetically modified foods, biopharmed food, she dived into the crazy catering world combining her passion in food and event planning in Vancouver and Beijing. Afterwards, she explored the world of food concept design while working under Dutch eating designer, Marjie Vogelzang in food inspired installation art, eating experiences concepts, restaurant concepts and products. Since moving back to Hong Kong in 2010, she has worked with restaurants, food companies and food start-ups like Gormei in creating and organising eating experience events and workshops. 

Check out Veronica's Edible Portrait here.